Home Improvement Case Study: Installing Air-conditioning in Perth

Things To Consider When Installing Air Conditioning System In Your Perth Home


An air conditioning system is an important investment in your home, especially during the summer. The heat humidity levels can sometimes be exceedingly high, which is why you need a good AC system. You need to install them properly too. The following are some great tips to help you successfully install the right AC system in your home. Remember that newer units are more energy efficient, more powerful, and quieter than the old models. So, you should settle for the newer models that offer more value.

Determine the size of the installation area

This is an important consideration since an oversized or undersized system will not be great for your home. This air conditioning size calculator is a great resource. It states that, generally, a bigger room will require a bigger AC system. On the other hand, smaller sized air conditioning units will be perfect for a smaller room.  An AC’s capacity is usually determined in tons (that’s the level of heat the AC system can dissipate). A 3-ton unit can expel about 36,000BTU while a one-ton unit gives out about 12,000BTU.

If you have a house measuring about 1,600 sq. f, it will take at least an AC system of 24,000BTU for better cooling. If you don’t have the technical knowledge about all these, an AC technician can help you out here. So, before you select a system, consult a technician to determine the right size of the unit that will be ideal for your home.

Installation requirement

You will most definitely need a new circuit breaker if you are installing the Ac in a house that’s never had any form of Ac unit installed. The circuit breaker will be installed in the electrical panel. You will also need a new mounting, new ductwork, as well as new wiring for the AC unit. It’s important to call a good professional to help you estimate all these.

Except you are an Ac technician yourself, it will be better to call a professional who will help to carry out correct estimate. It will be a waste of time and money if you decide to do everything on your own. When you get the setting wrong, you may need to spend more to put things back in order.

Select the right technician

You need to choose a good technician if you want the AC system to be installed the right way. Call a certified professional such as the guys from AirConWA who will help you estimate the requirements and advice you on the best AC unit to buy.